The Brandel group contains a 3 inch stack of paperwork, his entire personnel file, from 1943 to 1991.  I have included some of the more significant documents here.

brandel002.jpg (81447 bytes) Original Navy Cross citation brandel003.jpg (70508 bytes) Original Croix de Guerre certificate
brandel004.jpg (142072 bytes) Discharge document Image-04.jpg (69259 bytes) Croix de Guerre transmittal letter
brandel005.jpg (90184 bytes) Brandel's report on Operation Neptune, dated 13 July 1944 brandel006.jpg (22162 bytes) Page two of Brandel's report
Image-06.jpg (59228 bytes) 1943 Naval Training School certificate Image-01.jpg (82773 bytes) Navy Cross transmittal letter
Image-05.jpg (70548 bytes) 1991 transmittal letter for Combat Action Ribbon Image-07.jpg (64738 bytes) 1952 appointment as Lieutenant Commander
Image-08.jpg (80980 bytes) 1946 Certificate of Satisfactory Service, signed by James Forrestal Image-09.jpg (59756 bytes) 1956 Appointment as Commander
Image-10.jpg (66248 bytes) July 1942 appointment as Ensign Image-11.jpg (122370 bytes) Naval Air Station, Ream Field, California "Ream Review" article on the award of Navy Cross to Brandel
Image-12.jpg (74173 bytes) United States Uniformed Services ID card, issued 1995 Image-13.jpg (100849 bytes) Obituary from unknown newspaper
Image-14.jpg (74704 bytes) San Diego Union article regarding awarding of Croix de Guerre Image-15.jpg (53268 bytes) 1952 transmittal letter for Naval Reserve Medal
Image-16.jpg (83531 bytes) March 1944 document ordering Brandel and others to Naval Gunfire Support School, Dartmouth, England Image-17.jpg (81329 bytes) May 1944 orders sending Brandel and others, now attached to the 1st Infantry Division, to Gourock, Scotland
Image-18.jpg (84468 bytes) Eleventh Amphibious Force document regarding transfer of Naval Gunfire Liaison Officers Image-19.jpg (101613 bytes) 8 July 1944 Orders sending Brandel and others to Sandridge
Image-20.jpg (83309 bytes) 1 August 1944 orders ordering Brandel back to the United States Image-21.jpg (88346 bytes) 18 August 1944 orders sending Brandel to NAS San Diego