Lt. George C. Haniotis
enlisted 10 April 1942
missing in action 5 November 1943
officially declared dead 15 April 1945

Memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines


Lieutenant George C. Haniotis served with the 9th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group. Lt. Haniotis achieved one aerial victory on October 16, 1943. While escorting a group of B-25s to Madang, he shot down a Zero.

On the day he was MIA, he was flying as Richard Bong's wingman with a group of 11 Lightnings who were escorting a B-24 raid over Rabaul. In a dogfight with 15 Zeros, Richard Bong scored his 20th and 21st victories.



Lt. Haniotis's medals









Posthumously awarded Purple Heart Certificate


Posthumously awarded Presidential Accolade


Hap Arnold condolence letter


Mailing tube for his certificate and accolade



Wallet and note pad cover


Pilot Wings, marked GEMSCO and STERLING




Stateside photos of Haniotis and his wife




Physical Record Card



Training photos



Love letters to his wife





Letter to his wife, written on the day before his loss


Letter to his wife, dated 3 November 1943



Letter from his Commanding Officer, Major Gerald Johnson, himself a 24 victory Ace



Another letter from Gerald Johnson


Short Snorter from Haniotis's training days


Marriage License



2003 Newspaper article about Haniotis's widow


Copies of Missing Air Crew Report #1074, describing Haniotis's loss