Stuart L. Brandel was born in Los Angeles, California on 5 July 1919. He received a BA in Geology from Occidental University, and appointed as Ensign July 1942. Brandel completed the Naval Training School, University of Arizona, Tucson in January 1943.

From January 1943 to July 1943 Brandel attended NATTO Memphis Tennessee, then going to gunfire training school in Norfolk, Virginia until December 1943.

In December 1943 Brandel is sent to England as part of the 294 Joint Assault Signal Company, attached to the 7th Field Artillery Battalion, to train as a Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer on D-Day.

LTjg Brandel landed at Omaha Beach with the 16th Regimental Combat Team, directing fire from the French cruiser, FS Montcalm.

Brandel is ordered back to England on July 8, 1944, and and on August 18 he reported to the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Ream Field, San Ysidro, California.  He served as a Ships Service Officer until December 1945.  Brandel is separated from service in January 1946.

Brandel served in the voluntary reserves from June 1947 until his retirement in 1969. He is promoted to Lieutenant Commander in July 1953, and Commander in July 1956.

Commander Brandel died in August 2001 at the age of 82.

I am proud to own Brandel's medals, insignia, and documents.  Included in these effects are a photo album of his service during World War Two. Follow the links below to see Brandel's medals, photos, and selected documents


LT Brandel's Medals and memorabilia

England Photographs

Omaha Beach Photographs

Normandy Photographs

Artillery Study Photographs

Miscellaneous Photographs



Included in the group was an original 1945 radio transcription disc of a KFSD radio broadcast from January 27, 1945. To hear this recording in MP3 format click here.