Grandfather/Grandson Grouping to Grayson Blackwell Lassiter and T. Augustus Lacy

Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Grayson Blackwell Lassiter served as a corpsman with 2nd Battalion, 28th Marines. Lassiter was wounded on March 1, 1945, and died of his wounds three days later. Interestingly, Lassiter served as a corpsman alongside James Bradley, one of the Iwo Jima flag raisers. He was initially buried in the 4th Marine Division Cemetery on Iwo Jima.  His remains were later repatriated to his hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia.

Lassiter's maternal grandfather, Pvt. T. Augustus Lacy, served with Co I, First Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Lacy enlisted in 1861 and was mustered out in 1862 due to a disability.


Grayson Blackwell Lassiter's medal grouping, which includes a United Daughters of the Confederacy Cross of Military Service, engraved to Lassiter.
Wartime photo of Grayson Lassiter, on right.
Another wartime photo of Lassiter, kneeling next to mortar.
Original letter dated 28 June 1945 from Chaplain Glenn Baumann to Lassiter's mother, describing his wounds and burial.
Lassiter's February 1, 1944 letter home
Lassiter's February 3, 1944 letter home
Lassiter's April 18, 1944 letter home.

Lassiter's August 3, 1944 letter home.
September 25, 1944 letter home, apparently from Camp Tarawa as Lassiter's unit is being trained for the invasion of Iwo Jima.

June 9, 1945 letter from fellow corpsman Frank Portillo to Lassiter's mother, describing his friendship with Lassiter and the circumstances regarding his wounding.

Copy of original letter from James Wittmeier, Lassiter's CO, to a fellow member of his unit. Interesting content regarding James Bradley, one of the Iwo Jima flag raisers.

Below is a copy of the original photo mentioned in the Wittmeier letter.



Theophilus Augustus Lacy's United Confederate Veterans Southern Cross of Honor.

Copies of Lacy's application for acceptance to the Robert E. Lee Soldier's Home, dated 1915.
Georgie Stephanie Vest Lacy, Augustus' wife, and Lassiter's maternal grandmother, ca. 1886