A few unknown, non-identifiable, or miscellaneous photos from the Brandel collection

brandel128.jpg (36950 bytes) Unknown Navy personnel brandel129.jpg (52515 bytes) Brandel is on far right (location unknown)
brandel130.jpg (50705 bytes) Brandel on left (location unknown) brandel132.jpg (91607 bytes) Fort Sill, Oklahoma
brandel134.jpg (98880 bytes) Fort Sill, Oklahoma brandel131.jpg (94255 bytes) Artillery training (location unknown)
brandel137.jpg (119793 bytes) Artillery training (location unknown) brandel138.jpg (89010 bytes) Artillery training (location unknown)
brandel160.jpg (62780 bytes) Brandel in center holding football (location unknown) brandel161.jpg (56856 bytes) Brandel in center (location unknown)
brandel162.jpg (58472 bytes) Brandel in center writing (location unknown) brandel143.jpg (56807 bytes) Four Navy Officers, Brandel at front, right. Apparently pre-DDay, as Brandel is wearing Ensign rank insignia.
brandel144.jpg (77109 bytes) Same as above brandel136.jpg (78130 bytes) Brandel, standing left, swaps jacket and cap with unknown Airborne officer (note bloused pants in boots). Location unknown.
Image-02.jpg (47241 bytes) Croix de Guerre Award Ceremony #1 Image-03.jpg (49458 bytes) Croix de Guerre Award Ceremony #2