Various photos of Omaha beach.  Some are official Army/Navy photos, others are Brandel's personal images.

brandel057.jpg (51368 bytes) Composite photo of Omaha Beach brandel058.jpg (41348 bytes) Bulldozers clearing Omaha Beach
brandel059.jpg (36195 bytes) Brandel (center) stands near landing craft on Omaha Beach brandel060.jpg (61996 bytes) Supply ships at Omaha Beach
brandel061.jpg (65612 bytes) Naval Beach Control set up in destroyed German casemate, E1 exit brandel063.jpg (77602 bytes) Les Moulins exit
brandel062.jpg (51961 bytes) Pill box and anti-tank ditch, Omaha Beach (misidentified in margin as Easy White section, actually E1 exit) brandel065.jpg (56959 bytes) German armored turret over underground bunker, Les Moulins exit
brandel064.jpg (53477 bytes) Unknown sunken vessel off Omaha Beach brandel066.jpg (46321 bytes) Naval vessel takes incoming fire
brandel067.jpg (62912 bytes) Omaha beach, showing wreckage.  Note "D" marker on poles, erected to guide incoming ships to proper destination brandel068.jpg (54814 bytes) Beach obstacles
brandel069.jpg (53617 bytes) Anti-tank ditch, exit E-1, Omaha Beach brandel070.jpg (62578 bytes) Remains of beach obstacles, Omaha Beach
brandel071.jpg (65361 bytes) Omaha Beach assault from the sea brandel072.jpg (94341 bytes) Ruined building and wreckage
brandel073.jpg (60926 bytes) Another view of the same scene brandel074.jpg (44065 bytes) Ships off Omaha
brandel075.jpg (61259 bytes) Troops exiting the beach. brandel076.jpg (78120 bytes) Omaha Beach from the sea
brandel077.jpg (86232 bytes) German gun near Omaha beach brandel172.jpg (125220 bytes) Another view of the same gun
brandel170.jpg (118906 bytes) German gun emplacement brandel092.jpg (74407 bytes) German filed piece, sighted down the beach
brandel173.jpg (53262 bytes) Troops walk along seawall, Omaha Beach brandel171.jpg (93692 bytes) German gun positions, Omaha
brandel169.jpg (107183 bytes) German gun brandel155.jpg (197489 bytes) German prisoners march along the sand of Omaha
brandel098.jpg (77499 bytes) German gun emplacement Omaha Beach, E1 exit brandel168.jpg (67757 bytes) Beachhead from the air
brandel121.jpg (123108 bytes) LST 337 unloads troops brandel078.jpg (67912 bytes) Laundry day at gun emplacement
brandel083.jpg (65617 bytes) LST 197 offloads equipment brandel088.jpg (89934 bytes) German gun emplacement on the beach
brandel089.jpg (43877 bytes) Beach obstacles brandel090.jpg (47381 bytes) German beach obstacles
brandel091.jpg (53616 bytes) German gun emplacement, Omaha beach, E1 exit brandel092.jpg (74407 bytes) German gun emplacement
brandel096.jpg (72134 bytes) German fortifications brandel097.jpg (72681 bytes) German fortifications
brandel100.jpg (101364 bytes) LST 337 unloads on Omaha Beach brandel113.jpg (64538 bytes) Gun emplacement near Les Moulins exit
brandel114.jpg (44185 bytes) Landscape near Omaha Beach brandel115.jpg (73380 bytes) Interior of German gun emplacement at E1 exit
brandel116.jpg (141726 bytes) Navy officer inspects German fortifications brandel122.jpg (55397 bytes) Omaha Beach, ruins of old orphanage between E1 and E3 exits.
brandel148.jpg (115972 bytes) DUKW's from 460th Amphibian Tractor Co, 6th Engineer Special Brigade. move along Omaha Beach brandel167.jpg (99919 bytes) Troops move along Omaha Beach (photo taken from cliff over exit E1, Vallee du Ruquet)
brandel175.jpg (74023 bytes) May 1944 Aerial Recon photo of Utah  Beach.  Marked on reverse "TOP SECRET BIGOT" brandel176.jpg (11969 bytes) Stamp on back of above photo