Frederick R. Soutar / Ian Soutar Grouping

F.R. Soutar, A.B., Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, World War I

13 Nov 1915: entered service
May 1916: Attached to 2nd "Drake" Battalion, B Company
14 Dec 1916: invalided to England - septic finger
1 Apr 1917: returned to Drake Battalion
30 Dec 1917: wounded, GSW left leg (apparently at Welch Ridge, Cambrai)
23 Jan 1918: invalided


Corporal Ian Soutar,  Company A, 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division

KIA October 14, 1952, during the 31st Infantry Regiment's assault on the Triangle Hill complex. Soutar's Company Commander, 1st Lieutenant Edward R. Schowalter, received the Medal of Honor for actions on that date.


Ian Soutar's posthumous Purple Heart with gold star NOK pins


Detail of Soutar's Purple Heart, showing Korean War era impressed engraving style.



Ian Soutar's campaign medals and ribbons, along with his Combat Infantry Badge.



British War Medal and British WWI Victory Medal impressed CZ7033, F.R. SOUTAR, A.B., RNVR



Silver War Badge, impressed with same number as on box



Korean War era US / Infantry domed collar brass


British War Relief Society badge


Lot of Royal Naval Division cap badges